How to increase Pay Per Click campaign ?

Published On :2019-01-11 16:10:58

How to increase Pay Per Click campaign ?

How to increase Pay Per Click campaign : Pay Per Click campaign is nothing but increasing the traffic for your website and converting the targeted audience in to buyers. In simple, the advertiser buys the traffic through a website by paying to the publisher. The job of the publisher is to get the most relevant users for the ad to click it by adopting various search engine optimization techniques. As much as the user count increases, so much is the benefit to the Publisher as well as the advertiser. In one word, the main target of PPC campaign is to get the most possible clicks for the add. But how ?

Know the procedure :

In PPC campaign, the advertiser can choose their customers at a specific time in a limited budget. Here the advertiser provides relevant ads to the users and opts for different keywords based on the auction system of different search engines. As high as the bid, so much chances for topping the competition. There is no need to pay for the search engines unless the advertiser gets the click from the users.

Get the maximum traffic :

Maximum traffic means buying the relevant users for the advertisement. For this the companies have to choose different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Although there are other search engines which provide PPC services, mostly the above search engines are only used. As the Google has two thirds of users across the globe, it delivers instant traffic through its most prominent vehicle AdWords. On the other hand, Bing is occupied with 20% search rate across the world enhancing more traffic for the advertisers.

Also the above two search engines come up with different display networks like organizational, commercial sites and social media platforms where you can get highest bids for maximum traffic.

Know your Ad type :

You can have text ads, image ads and video ads on these sites based up on your product type, user interests and other referral sites.

Target your Users :

PPC is an auction based campaign, as you are spending lot of money on keywords, you must find the relevant users. For this, the PPC campaign must adopt different targeting capabilities. Analyze about your area of interest like country, state, city etc, so that you could reach your target straight away. Think about the time of placing your ad, i.e., on which week and at what date your ad should be available to the users. Finally make a priority note of the sites to display your advertisement.

Maintain quality :

Most of the search engines give the priority to the ads based up on the quality score. Up on the quality score only the Ad rank will be given to the ads. Especially Google, which decides the quality through Click Rate, relevant and original content.

Although the entire process of effective campaign is little bit expensive you could find enormous profits once you get in to the right line.

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